Politique de qualité

At Comercial Arqué, S.A. we are dedicated to the commercialization and handling of films for thermal engraving, thermal tape, textile support, synthetic paper “Durasin”, engravings, RFID antennas, binding material, among others… as well as the design and manufacture of machinery for hot stamping of plastic parts, cardboard, leather substrates, textile and applicators, cutters, among others. under the IMPAK seal.

The Senior Management permanently leads and promotes Quality in the company and assumes and demands the commitment and participation of all the company’s personnel, which is why it declares the Quality Management System, in accordance with the requirements of the International Standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015, as a strategic and priority objective, finding its foundations and commitments in the fulfilment of the following points:

  1. To ensure customer satisfaction by meeting the needs and requirements defined by them.
  2. Identify the needs and requirements of stakeholders (customers, suppliers, company staff, management, owners, community, schools and universities, legal and regulatory bodies, emergency teams and media).
  3. Forge alliances with external suppliers and key players in the private and public sectors to ensure optimal organizational performance. Also ensure that external suppliers and partners that may be used in the provision of our services comply with the Quality philosophy and policies of the organization.
  4. Maintain the level of training of our staff, providing them with the necessary tools and resources to do so.
  5. Continuous improvement of our quality management system, as well as commitment to compliance with requirements, both those specified by our customers and the legal and regulatory requirements that affect our activity. To provide clear and accurate information to our employees, customers, and other interested parties, avoiding misleading or fraudulent practices.
  6. We shall ensure that the Quality Management System provides a framework for the management and control of Quality, Environment, Health, and Safety activities, also helping to establish and review the company’s strategic objectives.
  7. Continually monitor and review the Quality Policy to ensure that it remains relevant and effective to the changing needs of all stakeholders.
  8. The participation and involvement of the members of Comercial Arqué, S.A. in matters of Quality.
  9. Ensure that employees, both men and women, have equal opportunities, rights, and responsibilities in the workplace, without discrimination based on gender. Eliminate the gender pay gap (fair and transparent remuneration, based on skills and experience, not gender) and encourage balanced representation of men and women at all levels of the organization, including management and leadership positions.
  10. Minimize environmental impact and promote sustainable practices by seeking and incorporating biodegradable materials and proper waste management.

Thus, it is the responsibility of all company personnel to ensure that these guidelines are properly complied with and implemented.

The description of the whole System, such as policy, processes, procedures and instructions, and the documented information, are described in the different documents that make up the Quality Manual in a simple and dynamic way, complying with all the requirements specified in the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard. The quality management system described in this manual has been developed by COMERCIAL ARQUÉ S.A. and has the approval and continuous monitoring of the company’s management, acquiring the commitment to comply with the legislative and regulatory requirements and those it considers, establishing and reviewing the quality objectives and goals. Senior Management monitors that the integrity of the system is maintained when changes are planned and implemented.

This Quality Policy Statement is available on this website so that it can be viewed by all the company’s stakeholders.

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