The human team that forms COMERCIAL ARQUÉ bets with conviction for the commitment, seriousness and closeness in the personal and professional treatment with our clients. These characteristics, together with its technical-commercial profile, are one of the main keys to the success of our company.

The more than 170 professionals that make up our team, have extensive experience and recognition in their activity. Professional experts that little by little COMERCIAL ARQUÉ has been incorporating into its business network because of its commitment, qualification and deep knowledge of each one of the activities they carry out.

We refer to a great team of quality technicians, machinists, manipulators, commercial, customer service, finance, who are at your disposal to provide a committed and quality service, in which the goal and priority of all of them, is the total customer satisfaction

In our team we combine all the experience and knowledge that the more than 60 years of our existence bring us, together with the learning of the latest current techniques in customer management and management.

All this is possible thanks to continuous training and improvement in all the production and marketing processes of our products, adapting flexibly to new trends and market developments.