METALON, is a vinyl composite product created from sheets especially specific for joining PVC extrusions by heat and pressure. The result is a decorative surface finish impossible to achieve through a standard extrusion compound.

The surface finish can be in plain metallic colors, mirror, matte, scraped, embossed, among others.

This product offers different fields of application, stories such as decoration of profiles in the automotive industry, footwear, furniture, travel articles, plastic and wooden profiles, displays, promotional items, lamps, umbrellas, mirrors, etc.

The product is presented in jumbos, which are then cut and rewound to the extent required for each job, and can be cut into widths of less than 10 mm. We can also find different supports that serve as a conveyor, and that vary depending on the final application of the product. These son stands:

  • Polyester support in several microns.
  • PVC support in several microns.
  • Textile support.