Textile Support

Texlin® belongs to one of the product families of COMERCIAL ARQUÉ S.A. who has always opted for textile products, mainly for printing with TTR.

In the last 5 years, a strong investment has been made in the textile area, providing the section with several cold cutting machines (cutting from 10 mm to 2 m), ultrasonic cutting, and hot cutting (from 15 mm to 2 m)

All this passion has led us to be manufacturers of special products betting on high technology with solvent products manufactured in Italy. In the Florence plant we have 2 production lines:

Coagulated and resinated

The two lines work in solvent, to guarantee resistance to washing, with specific know-how, something unknown in China and by our competition. Here we also develop products with high technical value:
Polyester with RFID dispensed directly in the coating process, with resistance to HWT (Hard Washing Test) patented by us.

Always looking to give the best solutions and added value to our service, we have closed agreements with the best manufacturer in the world in the textile area, jointly developing exclusive products with our own R&D department, taking special care in the qualitative control of our products, by means of the implantation of an own laboratory in origin. Also, in Barcelona we have a laboratory for control of the development and study of materials, in which tests of washing, printing, performance, etc. are developed.

A finishing area has been implanted, by calendering both cold and hot in our Barcelona plant that allows us to expand the customization of our products.

Our textile products are certified as: Oeko Tex, Reach, Imds, recyclable, Iso.

We develop self-adhesive products: with rubber and acrylic based adhesive with liner from 50 to 110 gr / m2 in rolls and sheets, covering markets such as: Footwear, carpets, mattresses, helmet, gadget and for specific applications with custom made product.

Texlin®invests, develops, and shares the group’s external / internal sales network, so it is considered as a suitable partner to provide a complete solution to each labeling problem in the most prestigious companies, and in many sectors.

We are leaders in the European market, North Africa, growing in Turkey and in Central America where we have a company with our Chinese partner HGX-USA located in Miami and Honduras that allows us to be closer to our global customers.

With all the pride in the world, we are Worldwide Supplier