As a complement to the printing film for fabrics and leathers, we sell GLITTER that can be used in numerous applications. Among them, is the decoration of textile garments. Frost, also known as glitter, when used for garment decoration can be applied in 2 ways: manually patted on the garment or by screen printing.

They are also used as a complement to costumes in carnival, in floats, displays, triptychs, among others, and in cosmetics, either as a decorative element of the jars, or injected into the product, giving the product a festive touch.

We can find the frost in two different polyester compounds or in polypropylene.

We can also supply different micrajes (from 002 to 014) and with multiple shapes: star, half moons, fibers, circular, elliptical, etc.

As for the finish, we can offer frost in metallic, holographic, iridescent colors, silver, gold, etc.