For decades, COMERCIAL ARQUÉ S.A. It has been developing its own line of IMPAK machinery, focused on the industrial application of the different products it sells.

It is composed of both our own manufacturing machinery and machinery that we distribute exclusively, giving a continuous advisory service and necessary technical support in which all our Know-How is provided.

We have our own engineering department that develops solutions that are increasingly efficient and according to the needs of our clients in very diverse sectors, always with the leitmotiv of adapting to changing productive environments.

This philosophy has led us to develop our well-known and reputed range of machinery for the application of Foil of Hot Stamping on plastics, either in vertical up-down or roll-on process, which has been satisfying the most projects for over 40 years. demanding in automotive, appliances, cosmetics, etc.

In recent years we have introduced our Converting machinery line to the market, focused on the increasingly demanded use of RFID. We have a wide range of modular machines and specialized in different formats and dispensing and insertion works, accompanied by accessory equipment for verification, coding, printing and artificial vision that guarantees product quality.

Among our represented companies, we have leading brands in their sectors, which cover, among others, foil applications for graphics (GIETZ), foil applications for security (KURZ), foil applications for hot stamping plastics (BAIER), or applications for decoration on the mold using film using “Inmold or Insert Molding” (KURZ) technology.


Troqueladora IMPAK DC-Nettic 5034


Insertadora IMPAK C180-SDL